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Question: Does the degree of spatial intrusion affect how a person will react to this invasion? Hypotheses: Scientific: Degree of intrusion has an effect on participant reaction. Null: Degree of intrusion does not have an effect on participant reaction. Variables and Levels : Independent variable : Personal Space Intrusion Operational definition: an action by the confederate lasting up to 30 seconds (it is stopped when there is a reaction) Levels: move (edge of seat with tower) vs lean & move (edge of seat with tower + elbow) Dependent variable : reaction of participant Operational definition: category of the first reaction made in response to the confederate (audible vs physical (i.e., block, glare, lean, moving chair) vs no reaction)
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Unformatted text preview: Data collection: Collection will occur in pairs, each pair will collect 10 data points (5 of each type of intrusion), each pair is assigned two different locations (i.e., David Lawrence, Cathedral, Sutherland, Hillman Library) to collect data at any time of day Work in pairs: intruder/confederate will keep track of gaze or audible responses while the observer will track everything else the pair will put data together to determine what was the first response Extra Count reaction as audible if a physical movement was required to make the audible reaction Do not perform study on people you know...
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