soc of marriage- assignment #1

soc of marriage- assignment #1 - Susan Martinez May 26,...

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Susan Martinez May 26, 2009 Sociology Of Marriage Reading Assignment: Section Two: Chapters 3,4,5 Chapter 3: 1. How does culture and where you live affect the values of marriage? When looking at Nora Nelson’s marriage and Teresa Dreyer’s marriage, one is able to see the immediate differences. Nora Nelson is very simple. She does not give into psychological word babbling in her interviews and this reflects her simple marriage and values associated with her marriage, along with her feelings toward her husband. Nora does not over embellish her love for her husband with religion or fancy words. On the contrary, Teresa Dreyer’s marriage is revolves around her religious background. Her life is filled with meaning because of her love of God and this continues on into her marriage. When asked similar questions, Teresa talks about God being in her relationship with her husband and goes into further detail than Nora. Although, both women come from two different backgrounds, they both share similar values in marriage even though they express it in different ways. 2. How does culture affect one’s opinion on granting autonomy and individuality in a loving and marital relationship? Swidler looks at two single individuals, a man and woman, Paul Manville and Jeannie Shore. Paul being married and divorced once shares similar values with that of Jeannie, who has yet to find love. In order to find love they both feel as though the person must not be possessed or owned by the other in terms of jealousy or anything of that matter, and the other must be a separate individual with their own ideas and beliefs. With this in mind, in order to find happiness within the relationship, the other must be able to respect the person as an
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soc of marriage- assignment #1 - Susan Martinez May 26,...

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