hist 500- reading report #2

hist 500- reading report #2 - Susan Martinez November 17,...

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Susan Martinez November 17, 2011 Hist 0500: History of Colonial Latin America Extra Reading Report The Politics of Reform in Spain’s Atlantic Empire during the Late Bourbon Period: The Visita of Jose Carcia de Leon y Pizarro in Quito* is about the economic welfare of Spain and the New World colonies, primarily in the Kingdom of Quito located in Peru during the late 1700s and the reign of King Charles III. This region was known as Spain’s Atlantic empire and unfortunately needed much reform at this time due to the economy. The reform that took over was the Bourbon Reforms under the supervision of the vistadores, Jose de Galvez and Garcia Pizarro, and then succeeded by Mon y Velarde. Throughout all of the economic highs and lows, reflections of hierarchies between Spain and the colonies, Spaniards and non-Spaniards in the New world and the honor system are evident. Hierarchies perpetuated the economic stability within Spain and the New World colonies. The system was in constant conflict between the interests of Spain and the colonies, given that Spain was above and the colonies were below it. All decisions regarding the colonies, regardless of what would be a benefit or detriment, were made in Spain. For example, “the state in Spain and the Indies was weak, decentralized, and largely served to redistribute income from central zones, such as Mexico, to the peripheries” and was in need of economic reform (Andrien 642); and “the uneven regional patterns of economic development in the Kingdom of Quito posed daunting problems for reformers in Spain and the Indies. The decline of the north-central sierra led to a long-term crisis in regional tax receipts, which had traditionally supported the colonial state” (Andrien 644). “Garcia Pizarro proposed three main remedies: curtailing the importation
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hist 500- reading report #2 - Susan Martinez November 17,...

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