7 - Social Hierarchy

7 - Social Hierarchy - across social classes? Cope...

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In this class, we have talked about race as one of the primary social divisions in Colonial society, what other factors were there? How do these other divisions intersect with race in Colonial Latin America or elsewhere? The Colonial Social Hierarchy Wealth and Status: “Money whitens” What was honor in Colonial Latin America? Why was it important? Honor: In Theory Among Elites Honor, Gender, and Patriarchy Honor: In Practice Elite Women and Pregnancies out of wedlock Gender and Social Class Honor among non-elites Cope Discussion: If race is supposed to order society and separate people, where is there interaction
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Unformatted text preview: across social classes? Cope describes Spanish opinion of indigenous as a mixture of fear, condescension, and dependence, explain this further… At which level of society were caste differences most important? If the caste system was not a foolproof method of social control, did it matter at all? What was life like for someone of a lower social class? What did Spanish leaders have to tolerate as a result of their dependence upon plebeians? What made them lose their tolerance for such activities? Talk about exam:...
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