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social foundations of ed- concept id paper

social foundations of ed- concept id paper - Susan Martinez...

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Susan Martinez October 10, 2011 Social Foundations of Education Concept ID Paper The concept I found to be most interesting and simultaneously disturbing to date was segregation, based off of the Kozol reading, “Still Separate, Still Unequal”. It was troubling to see, throughout the paper, the statistics of race within school populations; mainly the differences between middle class schools and low income areas. Bringing the idea of segregation to light is troubling, primarily because it is true. You don’t think about it growing up, in general most things that are common to everyday life become oblivious to us. However, segregation is still very much alive and doing well. Take, for example, Martin Luther King Jr. High School in New York City. This school was meant to beat the boundaries of segregation. It was a school built in an upper-middle-class white neighborhood, so that white students would be more inclined to attend, given it was
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