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Final Exam Review Sheet

Final Exam Review Sheet - Sociology of Sport Final Exam...

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Sociology of Sport Final Exam Review Sheet The final exam will be open book and open notes. It will cover sections 5, 6, and 7 in our text. The exam is Tuesday 12/14 2 – 3:50 in our usual classroom. As you study, pay attention to the following: DEVIANCE Concepts and Terms: Deviance defined Deviant status – Ascribed, Achieved Who gets to give acts/individuals/group the label “Deviant”? Labeling based on action or victim? (see 5.5) Evolution of Deviance and Social Control (Sin---crime---illness…) Classification of Deviant Behavior Motives (Pecuniary, material, or tangible: Recreational: Interpersonal or social: Problem-solving: Political motives) Neutralization Techniques Doping in sports History of Drug Scandals Benefits and costs of steroid use Problems from Prohibition of Steroid Usage Links between sports and violence (and masculinity?) links between deviance and sports and celebrity culture Online Content
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