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Week 9 March 2 South America, Carib

Week 9 March 2 South America, Carib - CONTEMPORARY ART AND...

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Unformatted text preview: CONTEMPORARY ART AND DECOLONIZATION AND SOUTH AMERICA, CUBA & SOUTH THE CARIBBEAN THE Intro to contemporary Art 0090 / Spring 2010 Terry Smith Joaquín Torres Garcia, Upside-Down Map of South America, 1936, ink on paper South Adriana Varejão, America, 1996 Lygia Clark, Casulo (Cocoon), 1958, Casulo nitrocellulose on tin; Los Bichos (Critters), 1966 Los Lygia Clark, Bicho de bolso (Pocket critter), 1966, aluminum Lygia Clark, The Structuring of the Self, The 1975-80, therapy performance 1975-80, Hélio Oiticia, Parangolés (Capes), 1965, performance Parangolés Lygia Pape, Divisor (Divide), 1968, performance Hélio Oiticia, Eden Project, 1969, installation Eden Gego, Reticulárea, 1968, installation, Reticulárea 1968, National Gallery of Art, Caracas National Jésus Raphael Soto, Escritura global (Global writing), c.1970, painted wood and (Global stainless steel stainless Julio Le Parc, Continuel-lumière mobile (Continuous light mobile), 1960-66, hanging (Continuous metallic elements and spotlights metallic Léon Ferrari, Civilización occidental y cristiana (Western Christian Civilization), cristiana 1965, polyester, wood, cardboard 1965, Cildo Miereles, Insertions into ideological Insertions circuits: Coca-Cola Project, 1970-75 circuits: Luis Camnitzer, The Uruguayan Torture Series, 1983, photographs Series Oscar Muñoz, Proyecto por un monumento (Project for a Memorial), 2005 Collaboration by Carlos Alonso and others, Identity, 1998, 132 mirrors, 244 photographs Identity 1998, and 24 epigraphs and II.2.23 Vik Muniz, Aftermath (Angélica), 1998 Flavio Garciandia, Untitled series, 1989 Tania Bruguera, Autobiografia, 2003, sound Autobiografia 2003, and mixed media installation, Havana Biennale 2003 Biennale Wilfredo Prieto, Apolitico (Apolitical), 2003 Hew Locke, El Dorado, 2005 Arthur Simms, Globe: The Veld, 2004 ...
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