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Week 15 April 20 New Media

Week 15 April 20 New Media - NEW MEDIA NEW Intro to...

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Unformatted text preview: NEW MEDIA NEW April 20, 2010 Intro to contemporary Art 0090 / Spring 2010 Terry Smith Blu, MUTO, video animation of mural paintings, 7:26 mins See http://www.blublu.org/sito/video/muto.htm. The Yes Men, Dow Chemical action, December 2004, media intervention http://theyesmen.org/hijinks/bbcbhopal Douglas Davis, The World’s First Interactive Sentence, The 1994, ongoing participatory website. See www.afsnitp.dk/udefra/1/dd/whoisdd.html www.afsnitp.dk/udefra/1/dd/whoisdd.html Mark Napier, Riot, 2000, cross-content web browser Riot 2000, (8.22) (8.22) Stelarc, Alternative Interfaces, since 1969, performances Alternative A six-legged, pneumatically powered walking machine has been constructed for the body. The locomotor, with either ripple or tripod gait , moves forwards, backwards, sideways and turns on the spot. (…) Different gestures make different motions- a translation of limb to leg motions. The body's arms guide the choreography of the locomotor's movements and thus compose the cacophony of pneumatic and mechanical and sensor modulated sounds.... Stelarc, Ekoskeleton (Event for extended body and walking machine), 1998, Ekoskeleton performance performance See http://www.stelarc.va.com.au/exoskeleton/index.html Stelarc, Ekoskeleton (Event for extended body and Ekoskeleton walking machine), 1998, performance walking Agnes Hegedus, Handsight, 1992, interactive computer Handsight 1992, graphic installation graphic Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Body Movies, Relational Architecture 6, 2001, projections Lisbon Architecture Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Under Scan, Relational Architecture 11, 2005, interactive installation, Architecture 2005, English Midland cities English Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Under Scan, 2005-6 Blast Theory, Day of the Figurines, 2005-6 See http://www.blasttheory.co.uk/bt/index.php Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, T_Visionarium II (general interior view) Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, T_Visionarium II (close in view) Bruyere Digital Life ...
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