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Handout for lecture #7 (Ch. 6) February 16, 2009 Anxiety Disorders I. Anxiety disorders overview a. Anxiety vs. fear: What is an anxiety disorder? b. When is anxiety adaptive or maladaptive? c. Common symptoms d. Prevalence and comorbidity II. DSM Diagnoses a. PTSD & ASD i. Diagnosis ii. Prevention and treatment b. Phobias i. Specific phobias ii. Social Phobia c. Panic attacks with or without agoraphobia i. Description and symptoms
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Unformatted text preview: ii. DSM criteria for panic disorder d. Generalized Anxiety Disorder i. Description and symptoms e. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder i. Description and symptoms ii. Obsessions and Compulsions III. Interpretations and Treatments for anxiety disorders a. Biological b. Psychodynamic c. Cognitive d. Behavioral: What are the different types of treatment?...
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