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Handout for lecture 4 (Ch. 3) January 26, 2009 Treatment of Psychological Disorders Therapy vs. Medication Biological approach : What is it? -- treat the physical symptoms What are biological treatments? Electroconvulsive therapy Psychosurgery (e.g., lobotomy) Psychopharmacology SSRIs- How do they work? What are they used for? Are they a cure all? Psychodynamic approaches : What is it? – insight, maladaptive defenses Freudian techniques and psychoanalysis Psychodynamic therapies Cognitive Behavioral approaches : What is it? – focus on the present, behavior, teach new thinking
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral approaches: systematic desensitization, exposure, aversion therapy, contingency management Cognitive approaches: Beck, rational emotive therapy Humanistic approaches : What is it? Responsibility of the clients to make their own decisions Carl Rogers and client-centered therapy, Interpersonal Therapy Changing social systems : Couples, families, groups, Community psychology and prevention Research on psychotherapy : How is this research conducted? Outcome: does it work? Process: how does it work?...
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