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Handout for lecture 2 (Chapter 2) January 12, 2009 Causes of Abnormal Behavior Paradigms for abnormal behavior – What are they? What are the key terms? Who are the key people? Biological Psychodynamic Cognitive-Behavioral Humanistic The basic approaches to understanding abnormal behavior – how do they work? Biological Role of: neurotransmitters, brain structures, endocrine system, autonomic nervous
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Unformatted text preview: system, and behavior genetics Psychological Role of: temperament, attachment theory, modeling, attributions, developmental transitions and stage theories of Erickson and Freud Social factors Role of: labeling theory, marital status, social support, gender roles, prejudice, and poverty Systems Theory Equifinality vs. Multifinality Reciprocal Causality Diathesis-Stress Model...
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