Bandleaders limited the amount of improv onstage

Bandleaders limited the amount of improv onstage - -Radio...

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-Bandleaders limited the amount of improv onstage.  -The Swing or Big Band Era was a period when jazz became the biggest popular music for the nation      -Swing was often played for dancers Into the Swing      -Great Depression, people willing to work for little. Many large ensembles.  The Sweet Bands and the Hot Bands      -Society Orchestra      -Downsizing: The string section was usually the 1st to go      -Sweet Bands: modified commercial bands      -Hot Bands: Riff Bands The Scene in New York      -Only economy during the Depression
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Unformatted text preview: -Radio presence -hot bands had late gigs while sweet bands had early gigs -Benny Carter: 1st to put together an interracial band The Dance Craze -1934 The jitterbug -Dancing that was inspired by the hot bands The Soloists -Solos were made shorter and shorter The End of an Era -The WWII draft drained young men of their careers as musicians -Sweet bands were more devastated than hot bands (more whites in sweet bands...
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