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Elizabeth Sutka 24 October 2011 SOC 335 – A Section 8 Readings Holme, et al. "Learning Thru Experience," 341-350. 1. What were the major lessons they learned? Attending a desegregated high school allowed these people to experience firsthand all of the race struggles and differences. “…The graduates said they were more open-minded, less prejudiced, and less fearful of other races.” (Holme, 342) They learned to be more comfortable about interracial interactions and they realized that it is not much more different than interacting with someone of their own race. They said that since they had become so accustomed to being around people of different races all the time, they felt more comfortable in non-school settings where there was a hodgepodge of people. This study interviewed students 20 years after they attended this desegregated high schools, and the lessons they learned while still in school weren’t appreciated by them until after they graduated. These graduates went on to say that what they learned from their experience could never be learned through a book or a class on diversity. They said that the firsthand, day- to-day lessons they learned were so personal and real, and that was what shaped their view so drastically on interracial interaction. That is how they realized that so many stereotypes are not true. Non-whites learned from this too, and realized that just because a
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section8 - Elizabeth Sutka 24 October 2011 SOC 335 A...

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