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Unformatted text preview: Elizabeth Sutka 26 October 2011 SOC 335 – A Section 9 Readings + Questions Ingersoll and Merrill, "Status of Teaching" pp 185-196 1. Assess their definition of a profession and how much teaching is really a profession. Ingersoll and Merrill defined profession by developing a professional model, which consisted of organizational and occupational characteristics associated with professions. This model included rigorous training, strict licensing requirements, positive working conditions, an active professional organization or association, substantial workplace authority, high compensation, and high prestige. They classify teaching as a “semi-profession”, since teaching exhibits some aspects of professionalism but lacks other aspects. In order to be a teacher, you need to have a certain set of credentials. In the public school world, not just anyone can be a teacher; one needs to be state certified. In private schools, one does not need to be certified. Because of the private schools, not all teachers have to be certified, therefore, the credentials differ. The text gives the example that hospitals, regardless of what type of hospital, would ever allow an unlicensed doctor to work there. Therefore, teaching lacks a universal set of credentials. Specialization is not a huge part of teaching. Ingersoll and Merrill argue “teacher specialization…is a step backward for education because it does not address the needs of the ‘whole child’… and contributes to the alienation of students.” (190) This applies to early and middle childhood education. In college and in higher education, you want your teacher/professor to be specialized. So for some types of education, specialization is implicated and is a positive thing....
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section9 - Elizabeth Sutka 26 October 2011 SOC 335 – A...

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