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Elizabeth Sutka 30 November 2011 SOC 335 – A Spring, “Research on Globalization and Education,” 447-454 1. Make an argument that this globalization stuff is overrated. Globalization definitely exists and is becoming more and more of an issue. But it is also the buzzword of the moment and it is hyped into seeming like a bigger deal than it actually is. “…globalization of education does not mean that all schools are the same, as indicated by studies of differences between the local and the global.” (Ballantine, 448) This is the perfect argument and it is very simple: all countries are different. Each country has a different government with different ideologies, which integrate different policies and regulations. What works for one country will not necessarily work for another one. Understanding globalization is important, but it should by no means be the main focus or goal of education. Schools are already losing sight of what their goals are, by making their curriculum cater towards standardized tests and getting a job, when it really should just be teaching students and letting them decide their path for themselves. Now with globalization as a major concern, this will make schooling that much more detached from what its goal should be. 2. Which of his four theories makes the most sense to you? Why? I agree with Spring’s postcolonial analysis, in which he implies that globalization is an effort to impose particular agendas on the global society. There are certainly countries that are more powerful than others, but I honestly do not believe that any country is superior to the other. Therefore, what is the point of countries imposing
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policies on other countries? If a country is in need and asks for help, that is one thing. But
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section12 - Elizabeth Sutka 30 November 2011 SOC 335 A...

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