CH 9 notes - Elements & Nature of the language itself...

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CH 9: RELATIONAL SKILLS IN A WIRELESS WORLD Computer-mediated communication (CMC) Twitter Real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks devices Character limit and ease of access Make several posts a day From any device Facebook Social networking 250 million users Provide modules of functionality in an effort to stay competitive with a rapidly expanding social technology market Blogs Website maintained by an individual on a regular basis Detailed postings Professional or regular person Instant Messaging Communicate in real-time, text-based environment Video chat Text Messaging Short messaging service (SMS) Mobile email limited to 160 characters 4 fundamental elements
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Unformatted text preview: Elements & Nature of the language itself Denotation – the formal meaning of the word A word’s definition in the dictionary Specificty – precise words are most accurately expressed Listening Electronic listener – receiver Hearing Low-context No nonverbal cues or body language You can re-read a text/email many times Responding Social norms to the timeliness of the feedback Text message – a few hours Email – 1-2 days Feedback Nonverbal CMC Skills Acronyms LOL, BRB Emotional expressions (gender differences) Try to make electronic conversations emotionally involved Emoticons, punctuation Body language :::looks guilty::: * hug * Privacy Who you want to see what...
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CH 9 notes - Elements & Nature of the language itself...

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