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Ch 15: Relationship Stages:  A Communication Perspective Generalizations Movement through stages is generally systematic and sequential Each stage consists of stagework for the following stage Progressing in sequence makes predicting behavior easier Movement may be forward Movement towards greater intimacy Movement may be backward Movement towards less intimacy Movement is always to a new place Communication is a process – irreversible and unrepeatable Movement may be rapid or slow Rapid – daily positive interaction Early stages Slow – only one person wants to move forward Dialectical tensions serve as background to each stage Ongoing tensions between goals Openness-closedness Autonomy-connection Stages are identified by the proportion of one type of communication behavior to another Interaction Stages Initiating We 1 st come together with other people With a stranger or a friend
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Consider our own stereotypes, prior knowledge of other’s reputation, previous interactions, expectations
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ch 15 notes - Ch15:RelationshipStages:...

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