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PSY223 Biopsychology LECTURE 1/25/12 Evolution, Getics and Experience Ch2 Gabrille Giffords story Shot in the head, she survived Bullet enters left side of the brain Bullet near surface or cortex Right arm isn’t usable, because motor cortex on left side of brain injured the right side of the body Problems in speech production Problems in finding the right words to say Man shoots himself with nail gun and doesn’t know it. Descartes and the pineal Is It physiological or psychological The mind is free will and influenced by the animal spirits Mind vs Body Getting in trouble with the church: Galileo and Capernicus De la Mettrie 1747 Monistic approach We look at the electric and chemical events The study of consciousness 1800 a Primitive battery Muscle and nerves respond An exercise belt Penfield, mapping the human brain with electricity
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Unformatted text preview: EEG response, it’s a bee hive, flat liners The case of the man who fell out of bed The parietal lobe, determines where things are Stories of Oliver Sacks Asomatognosia: not knowing where your body is Is behavior due to nature or nurture First psychology lab, Wilhelm Wundt, 1879, Leipzig Germany : Structuralism J.B. Watson, Behaviorism B.F. Skinner, Radical Behaviorism Statistical Analysis, is it due to chance? Konrad Lorenz, Ethology (study of animal behavior), instincts Can’t quantify the ratio (Pinel) Reticular system is responsive to electricity (slide with purple and yellow brains) 65 million years ago dinosaurs died, the thing that hit the earth had iridium in it. If this hadn’t happened mammals would not have flourished. Some recent discoveries...
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