2:20:12 - Photopic= cones sensitive to the yellow side...

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PSY223 Biopsychology 2/20/12 Spring 2012 CH.5 Visual System The visual Spectrum Wavelengths between 400-700nm are visible for us. There are many wavelengths we can’t see. The eye The lens becomes less flexible over time, this is when you need glasses Fovea = detail Rod Vision Night vision Achromatic No detail Common in night animals Cone Vision Day light vision Chromatic Detailed Vision Common in Day Animals Light Strikes the Retina Convergence, Resolution Low convergence in cone-fed circuits High convergence in rod-fed circuits The Visual System The visual Field The Retina Thalamus Lateral Geniculation Primary Visual Cortex George Wald and Rods and Cones
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Unformatted text preview: Photopic= cones, sensitive to the yellow side 600nm wavelengths (high sensitivity, low light) Scotopic=Rods, sensitive to the purple/blue side 450nm wavelengths We have three types of cones Won Nobel Prize 1967 Functional Columns The columns of neurons in cortex specialize in signals with a particular orientation Vision occupies much cortex Posterior parietal cortex Prestriate cortex Primary visual (striate) cortex Inferotemporal cortex Summarizing what you know Binocular Disparity Tremor, Drift, Saccade Photopic, Scotopic Parvocullular layer: detail, color...
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2:20:12 - Photopic= cones sensitive to the yellow side...

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