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Crime ScenePOGIL2 - ,searched,andan Why ,preservation .

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Crime Scene and Physical Evidence What are the correct steps taken when a crime scene is approached, searched, and an  investigation is begun? Why? One of the most vital components of crime scene investigation is the collection, preservation,  and securing of evidence.  If those three components are not carefully maintained the evidence  cannot be used in a court of law – which is in fact the purpose of evidence! Learning Outcome Students will be able to identify the steps taken during the beginning of a crime scene  investigation, and all the way through the investigation itself.  Students will be able to list the details of each the jobs assigned during a crime scene  investigation, and apply those skills to a model. . Students will be able to recognize the importance of the use of chain of custody and  search warrants. New Concepts All the jobs combine during the crime scene investigation to produce  evidence that can be used in a court of law – leader, photographer, notetaker,  sketcher, and evidence collector. The chain of custody for evidence must start at the crime scene and continue  throughout the investigation. Different circumstances must be considered when searching for evidence  outside of the crime scene, including the need for a warrant or determining if  a warrantless search is necessitated. Prerequisites Definition of forensics, Types of Analyses available in a crime lab
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Reading Assignment Saferstein, 8 th  edition, pg. 34-52 Model 1 : Introduction to How Crime Scene Investigation Works Video Clip: At the Crime Scene : Scene Recognition When a CSI arrives at a crime scene, he doesn't just jump in and start recovering evidence. The goal of the scene recognition stage is to gain an understanding of what this particular investigation will entail and develop a systematic approach to finding and collecting evidence. At this point, the CSI is only using his eyes, ears, nose, some paper and a pen. define the extent of the crime scene . Is the scene the house and the immediate vicinity outside? Does it also include any cars in the driveway? Is there a blood trail down the street? Securing the crime scene -- and any other areas that might later turn out to be part of the crime scene -- is crucial. Securing the scene involves creating a physical barrier using crime scene tape or other obstacles like police officers, police cars or sawhorses, and removing all unnecessary personnel from the scene. get the
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Crime ScenePOGIL2 - ,searched,andan Why ,preservation .

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