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Presentation Topics Name: (please pick three topics from each category) Scripting: 1. Ruby: describe the scripting language Ruby. 2. Python: describe the Python scripting language. 3. PHP: describe the server-side scripting language PHP. 4. JavaScript: describe the JavaScript client-side scripting language. 5. Perl: describe the Perl scripting language. 6. VBScript: describe the Visual Basic Scripting Edition language. 7. Shell: describe UNIX shell scripting language. 8. APL: describe the APL programming language known for "throw-away programming." 9. AppleScript: describe Apple's AppleScript scripting language. 10. Tcl/Tk: describe the scripting language Tcl/Tk. 11. MATLAB: describe MATLAB programming language for science and engineering computing. 12. R: describe R programming language for statistical computing. 13. Other: name a scripting language that is interesting to you. Programming: 1. COBOL: describe the COBOL programming language. 2.
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PresentationTopics - Presentation Topics Name: (please pick...

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