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Modern Algebra and Geometry I Math 4000/6000 (92-321) Homework 1 – Due Wednesday, January 11 1. Read the syllabus and the list of student learning outcomes posted on the course web page. http://www.math.uga.edu/ ~ cdrup/teaching/math4000sp2012/index.html We will begin class on Wednesday, January 11 with a quiz assessing your knowledge of basic course policies. All of the quiz answers will be contained in the syllabus. The quiz will be open notes, so you are allowed (in fact, encouraged!) to print out the syllabus for use during the quiz. 2. Reflective writing assignment. After reading the syllabus and the list of expected student learn- ing outcomes, think about the following questions: Why are you taking Math 4000/6000? What are your goals for this course (academic, personal, career, etc.)? What steps will you take to achieve those goals? What was your last mathematics course? What did you do well in that course? How do you plan to build on your success from your most recent mathematics course?
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