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Unformatted text preview: -5-AANSWERS TO NSWERS TO QQUESTIONSUESTIONS2.1A continuous or analog signal is one in which the signal intensity varies in asmooth fashion over time while a discrete or digital signal is one in which the signalintensity maintains one of a finite number of constant levels for some period of timeand then changes to another constant level.2.2Amplitude, frequency, and phase are three important characteristics of a periodicsignal.2.32πradians.2.4The relationship is λf= v, where λis the wavelength, fis the frequency, and vis thespeed at which the signal is traveling.2.5The spectrum of a signal consists of the frequencies it contains; the bandwidth of asignal is the width of the spectrum.2.6Attenuation is the gradual weakening of a signal over distance.2.7The rate at which data can be transmitted over a given communication path, orchannel, under given conditions, is referred to as the channel capacity....
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