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Unformatted text preview: -8-AANSWERS TO NSWERS TO QQUESTIONSUESTIONS3.1Wide area networks (WANs) are used to connect stations over very large areas thatmay even be worldwide while local area networks (LANs) connect stations within asingle building or cluster of buildings. Ordinarily, the network assets supporting aLAN belong to the organization using the LAN. For WANs, network assets ofservice providers are often used. LANs also generally support higher data ratesthan WANs.3.2It is advantageous to have more than one possible path through a network for eachpair of stations to enhance reliability in case a particular path fails.3.3Telephone communications.3.4Static routing involves the use of a predefined route between any two end points,with possible backup routes to handle overflow. In alternate routing, multipleroutes are defined between two end points and the choice can depend on time ofday and traffic conditions....
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