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Unformatted text preview: b. The furthest distance from a station is halfway around the loop. On average, a station will send data half this distance. For an N-node network, the average number of hops is (N/4) – 1. c. 1. 3.7 a. We reason as follows. A total of X octets are to be transmitted. This will require a X total of cells. Each cell consists of (L + H) octets, where L is the number of L data field octets and H is the number of header octets. Thus N= X X L (L + H ) The efficiency is optimal for all values of X which are integer multiples of the cell information size. In the optimal case, the efficiency becomes X L Nopt = X = +H L+ H L For the case of ATM, with L = 48 and H = 5, we have N opt = 0.91 b. Assume that the entire X octets to be transmitted can fit into a single variablelength cell. Then N= X X + H + Hv -11- ...
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