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ENC3250 Solutions pg 14

ENC3250 Solutions pg 14 - CHAPTER 4 PROTOCOLS AND THE...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 4 PROTOCOLS AND THE TCP/IP SUITE A N SWERS NSWERS TO Q UESTIONS 4.1 The network access layer is concerned with the exchange of data between a computer and the network to which it is attached. 4.2 The transport layer is concerned with data reliability and correct sequencing. 4.3 A protocol is the set of rules or conventions governing the way in which two entities cooperate to exchange data. 4.4 A PDU is the combination of data from the next higher communications layer and control information. 4.5 The software structure that implements the communications function. Typically, the protocol architecture consists of a layered set of protocols, with one or more protocols at each layer. 4.6 Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) are two protocols originally designed to provide low level support for internetworking. The term is also used generically to refer to a more comprehensive collection of protocols developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Internet community. 4.7 Layering decomposes the overall communications problem into a number of more manageable subproblems. 4.8 A router is a device that operates at the Network layer of the OSI model to connect dissimilar networks. A N SWERS NSWERS TO PROBLEMS 4.1 The guest effectively places the order with the cook. The host communicates this order to the clerk, who places the order with the cook. The phone system provides the physical means for the order to be transported from host to clerk. The cook gives the pizza to the clerk with the order form (acting as a "header" to the pizza). The clerk boxes the pizza with the delivery address, and the delivery van encloses all of the orders to be delivered. The road provides the physical path for delivery. 4.2 a. -14- ...
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