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-15- The PMs speak as if they are speaking directly to each other. For example, when the French PM speaks, he addresses his remarks directly to the Chinese PM. However, the message is actually passed through two translators via the phone system. The French PM's translator translates his remarks into English and telephones these to the Chinese PM's translator, who translates these remarks into Chinese. b. An intermediate node serves to translate the message before passing it on. 4.3 Perhaps the major disadvantage is the processing and data overhead. There is processing overhead because as many as seven modules (OSI model) are invoked to move data from the application through the communications software. There is data overhead because of the appending of multiple headers to the data. Another possible disadvantage is that there must be at least one protocol standard per layer. With so many layers, it takes a long time to develop and promulgate the standards. 4.4
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