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Unformatted text preview: -17-AANSWERS TO NSWERS TO QQUESTIONSUESTIONS5.1The two functions of an antenna are: (1) For transmission of a signal, radio-frequency electrical energy from the transmitter is converted into electromagneticenergy by the antenna and radiated into the surrounding environment(atmosphere, space, water); (2) for reception of a signal, electromagnetic energyimpinging on the antenna is converted into radio-frequency electrical energy andfed into the receiver.5.2An isotropic antennais a point in space that radiates power in all directionsequally.5.3A radiation pattern is a graphical representation of the radiation properties of anantenna as a function of space coordinates.5.4A parabolic antenna creates, in theory, a parallel beam without dispersion. Inpractice, there will be some beam spread. Nevertheless, it produces a highlyfocused, directional beam.5.5Effective area and wavelength.5.6Free space loss....
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