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ENC3250 Solutions pg 18

ENC3250 Solutions pg 18 - -18-transmitter and receiver as...

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Unformatted text preview: -18-transmitter and receiver as the distance between the two changes by a largerdistance, well in excess of a wavelength.5.12 Flat fading, or nonselective fading, is that type of fading in which all frequencycomponents of the received signal fluctuate in the same proportionssimultaneously. Selective fadingaffects unequally the different spectralcomponents of a radio signal.5.13 Space diversity involves the physical transmission path and typical refers to theuse of multiple transmitting or receiving antennas. With frequency diversity, thesignal is spread out over a larger frequency bandwidth or carried on multiplefrequency carriers. Time diversitytechniques aim to spread the data out over timeso that a noise burst affects fewer bits.AANSWERS TO NSWERS TO PPROBLEMSROBLEMS5.1Distance (km)Radio (dB)Wire (dB)1–6–32–12–64–18–128–24–2416–30–485.2The length of a half-wave dipole is one-half the wavelength of the signal that can betransmitted most efficiently. Therefore, the optimum wavelength in this case is transmitted most efficiently....
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