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Unformatted text preview: -42-b.The encoder is in state a = 00 before transmission and after transmission of thelast information bit two zero bits are transmitted. The sequence of statestraversed is abdcbcbdcb. The output sequence is 10 11 10 01 01 01 11 10 01 008.22 a.Because only one frame can be sent at a time, and transmission must stop untilan acknowledgment is received, there is little effect in increasing the size of themessage if the frame size remains the same. All that this would affect is connectand disconnect time.b.Increasing the number of frames would decrease frame size (number ofbits/frame). This would lower line efficiency, because the propagation time isunchanged but more acknowledgments would be needed.c.For a given message size, increasing the frame size decreases the number offrames. This is the reverse of (b).8.23A →B:Propagation time = 4000 ×5 μsec = 20 msecTransmission time per frame =1000100×103=10 msecB →C:Propagation time = 1000 ×5 μsec = 5 msecTransmission time per frame = x = 1000/R...
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