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Unformatted text preview: -48-AANSWERS TO NSWERS TO QQUESTIONSUESTIONS10.1Hexagon10.2For frequency reuse in a cellular system, the same set of frequencies are used inmultiple cells, with these cells separated from one another by enough distance toavoid interference.10.3 Adding new channels:Typically, when a system is set up in a region, not all of thechannels are used, and growth and expansion can be managed in an orderlyfashion by adding new channels. Frequency borrowing:In the simplest case,frequencies are taken from adjacent cells by congested cells. The frequencies canalso be assigned to cells dynamically. Cell splitting:In practice, the distribution oftraffic and topographic features is not uniform, and this presents opportunities ofcapacity increase. Cells in areas of high usage can be split into smaller cells. Cellsectoring:With cell sectoring, a cell is divided into a number of wedge-shapedsectors, each with its own set of channels, typically 3 or 6 sectors per cell. Eachsector is assigned a separate subset of the cell's channels, and directional antennas...
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