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ENC3250 Solutions - -51-For N= 12 kCE= 55 channelsFor N= 19 kCE= 35 channelsc.For N= 4 area = 64 cells For N= 7 area = 112 cells For N= 12 area =

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Unformatted text preview: -51-For N= 12, kCE= 55 channelsFor N= 19, kCE= 35 channelsc.For N= 4, area = 64 cells; For N= 7, area = 112 cells; For N= 12, area = 192 cells;For N= 19, area = 304 cells.d.From part b, we know the number of channels that can be carried per cell foreach system. The total number of channels available is just 100 times thatnumber, for a result of 16600, 9500, 5500, 3500, respectively. Source: [CARN99]10.2 a.Steps a and b are the same. The next step is placing the call over the ordinarypublic switched telephone network (PSTN) to the called subscriber. Steps d, e,and f are the same except that only the mobile unit can be involved in ahandoff.b.Instead of steps a, b, and c, the process starts with a call coming in from thePSTN to an MTSO. From there, steps c, d, e, and f are the same except that onlythe mobile unit can be involved in a handoff.10.3This causes additional interference to co-channel users....
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