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ENC3250 Solutions pg 54

ENC3250 Solutions pg 54 - CHAPTER 11 CORDLESS SYSTEMS AND...

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-54- A A NSWERS TO NSWERS TO Q Q UESTIONS UESTIONS 11.1 Standardized cordless systems can support multiple users from the same base station, which could include either multiple telephone handsets or both voice and data devices (e.g., fax or printer). Standardized cordless systems can operate in a number of environment. 11.2 With TDD data are transmitted in one direction at a time, with transmission alternating between the two directions. TDM is a multiplexing technique that allows multiple data sources to transmit over the same channel by taking turns. With full-duplex TDM, data are transmitted in both directions simultaneously. 11.3 The Q channel is used to broadcast general system information from the base station to all terminals. The P channel provides paging from the base station to the terminals. In response to a page and at the time of handoff, a terminal uses the two-way M channel to exchange medium access control messages with the base station. Once a connection is established, the N channel
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