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Unformatted text preview: -56-AANSWERS TO NSWERS TO QQUESTIONSUESTIONS12.1A mobile useris connected to one or more applications across the Internet suchthat the user's point of attachment changes dynamically, and that all connectionsare automatically maintained despite the change. For a nomadic user, the user'sInternet connection is terminated each time the user moves and a new connectionis initiated when the user dials back in.12.2Tunneling is a process in which an IP datagram is encapsulated with an outer IPheader so as to be transmitted across the Internet using the destination addressand parameters of the outer header.12.3 Discovery: A mobile node uses a discovery procedure to identify prospectivehome agents and foreign agents. Registration: A mobile node uses anauthenticated registration procedure to inform its home agent of its care-ofaddress. Tunneling:Tunneling is used to forward IP datagrams from a homeaddress to a care-of address....
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