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ENC3250 Solutions pg 59

ENC3250 Solutions pg 59 - CHAPTER 13 WIRELESS LAN...

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-59- A A NSWERS TO NSWERS TO Q Q UESTIONS UESTIONS 13.1 LAN extension: a wireless LAN integrated with a wired LAN to extend the coverage area of the LAN complex; cross-building interconnect: wireless point-to- point link two LANs; nomadic access: provides a wireless link between a LAN hub and a mobile data terminal equipped with an antenna, such as a laptop computer or notepad computer; ad hoc network: a peer-to-peer network (no centralized server) set up temporarily to meet some immediate need. 13.2 Throughput: The medium access control protocol should make as efficient use as possible of the wireless medium to maximize capacity. Number of nodes: Wireless LANs may need to support hundreds of nodes across multiple cells. Connection to backbone LAN: In most cases, interconnection with stations on a wired backbone LAN is required. For infrastructure wireless LANs, this is easily accomplished through the use of control modules that connect to both types of LANs. There may also need to be accommodation for mobile users and ad hoc
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