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ENC3250 Solutions pg 60 - -60-13.4A Kiviat graph provides a...

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Unformatted text preview: -60-13.4A Kiviat graph provides a pictorial means of comparing systems along multiplevariables. The variables are laid out at equal angular intervals. A given system isdefined by one point on each variable; these points are connected to yield a shapethat is characteristic of that system.13.5 (1)The spectrum for infrared is virtually unlimited, which presents the possibilityof achieving extremely high data rates. (2) The infrared spectrum is unregulatedworldwide, which is not true of some portions of the microwave spectrum. (3)Infrared light is diffusely reflected by light-colored objects; thus it is possible to useceiling reflection to achieve coverage of an entire room. (4) Infrared light does notpenetrate walls or other opaque objects. This has two advantages: First, infraredcommunications can be more easily secured against eavesdropping thanmicrowave; and second, a separate infrared installation can be operated in everyroom in a building without interference, enabling the construction of very large...
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