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ENC3250 Solutions pg 65

ENC3250 Solutions pg 65 - CHAPTER 15 BLUETOOTH AND IEEE...

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-65- A A NSWERS TO NSWERS TO Q Q UESTIONS UESTIONS 15.1 Data and voice access points: Bluetooth facilitates real-time voice and data transmissions by providing effortless wireless connection of portable and stationary communications devices. Cable replacement: Bluetooth eliminates the need for numerous, often proprietary, cable attachments for connection of practically any kind of communication device. Connections are instant and are maintained even when devices are not within line of sight. The range of each radio is approximately 10 m, but can be extended to 100 m with an optional amplifier. Ad hoc networking: A device equipped with a Bluetooth radio can establish instant connection to another Bluetooth radio as soon as it comes into range. 15.2 The core specifications describe the details of the various layers of the Bluetooth protocol architecture, from the radio interface to link control. The profile specifications are concerned with the use of Bluetooth technology to support various applications.
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