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Unformatted text preview: SPRING 2012: COT 6936 Topics in Algorithms [Homework Guidelines and Collaboration Policies] Since people tend to scribble on handwritten homeworks, you are required to type up your assignment and print it out. You may write/draw by hand any figures, etc. Problems are labeled as: ( Exercise ) – turn in, but will not be graded; ( Regular ) – turn in and will be graded; or ( Extra Credit ) – if turned in, they will be graded but extra credit will be given only if it is completely correct. ( Extra Credit ) scores wil be used only if your grade is on the borderline between two grades. For every algorithmic question, clearly indicate its Input and its Output . Your pseu- docode must contain line numbers (like in the text) and must be properly indented. While pseudocode is generally preferred, you may write formal code using a programming language such as C++ or Java (less desirable). Variable names must be meaningful. If a section of the pseudocode is complicated, it must be commented.the pseudocode is complicated, it must be commented....
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