h2 - SPRING 2012 COT 6936 Topics in Algorithms[Homework 1...

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SPRING 2012: COT 6936 Topics in Algorithms [Homework 1; Due Feb 13 at start of class] General submission guidelines and policies: Add the following signed state- ment. Without this statement, your homework will not be graded. I have adhered to the collaboration policy for this class. In other words, everything written down in this submission is my own work. For problems where I received any help, I have cited the source, and/or named the collaborator. Read the handout on Homework guidelines and collaboration policy from your course website before you start on this homework. This is very important. As mentioned in that handout, the problem labels mean the following: ( Exercise ) – turn in, but will not be graded; ( Regular ) – turn in and will be graded; or ( Extra Credit ) – if turned in, they will be graded but extra credit will be given only if it is completely correct. ( Extra Credit ) scores wil be used only if your grade is on the border between two grades. Problems 0. ( Regular ) Did you follow the instructions above? 1. ( Exercise ) Write down precisely (see Problem 8 below for an example) the decision and optimization versions of the VertexCover problem. This homework was inspired by an excellent question asked in class by one of the stu-
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This note was uploaded on 02/18/2012 for the course CIS 6936 taught by Professor Giri during the Spring '12 term at FIU.

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h2 - SPRING 2012 COT 6936 Topics in Algorithms[Homework 1...

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