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5 - Policy Concepts and Programs The CRP(Conservation...

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1 Policy – Concepts and Programs: The CRP (Conservation Reserve Project), CSP (Conservation Security Program), and other USDA Conservation Programs Upon completion of this course, the student should be familiar with the following terms, concepts, and programs. Concepts: Conservation Districts Easements Annual set asides Entitlement Land idling Highly erodible lands Land retirement Restricted use pesticides Programs: Land Retirement and Farmland Protection Programs: - Water Bank Program (WBP) - Acreage Reduction Program (ARP) - Paid Land Diversion (PLD) Cost-Sharing and Technical Assistance Programs: - Agricultural Conservation Programs (ACP) - Water Quality Incentive Projects (WQIP) - Great Plains Conservation Program (GPCP) - Colorado River Salinity Program (CRSCP) Conservation Compliance Programs: - Highly Erodible Land Conservation (Compliance and Sodbuster) - Wetlands Conservation (Swampbuster) Land Retirement and Farmland Protection Programs: - Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) - Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) -
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  • Fall '06
  • KathleenMerrigan
  • Clean Water Act, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Safe Drinking Water Act, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Conservation Programs

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