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S e a r c h Readings: Session 5 Authors : Kathleen Merrigan, Ph.D., William Lockeretz, Ph.D. Readings Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) : Status and Current Issues . Jeffrey Zinn, Congressional Research Service 97-673 ENR ( May 8 2001). . Environmental Benefits Index, USDA Farm Service Agency Fact Sheet . ( September 1999). Past USDA Conservation Programs, chart from USDA Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators . Chapter 6. (August 2000). Conservation Security Program . Review program Site at . Key Questions What were the objectives of CRP when it was introduced in 1985? How have the criteria for lands to be enrolled in CRP evolved over time? How did different interest groups perceive CRP when it was the time for deciding the future of the program in 1993? What were the general procedures for land enrollment into CRP in 1996? What was the difference between general and continuous enrollment?
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