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S e a r c h Readings: Session 13 Authors : Kathleen Merrigan, Ph.D., William Lockeretz, Ph.D. Readings Soils in Our Environment . Chap. 17 (part): Pollution of soil, water and air. Raymond Miller and Duane Gardiner. (2001). Soil and Water Quality: An Agenda for Agriculture . Soil and water quality: New problems , new solutions. National Research Council. (1993). Key Questions Soils in our Environment – Pollution of Soil, Water and Air What are the various threats to the environment at present? What soil related factors affect phosphorus and nitrogen pollution of water? What concentrations of phosphorus and nitrogen cause algal growth and health problems in infants, respectively? What are the sources of water pollution due to phosphorous? What are the sources of nitrogen in the soil solution? What factors influence movement of nitrogen into ground / surface water? What is the difference between the ‘nitrate’ and ‘nitrate-nitrogen’ content in water?
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