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S e a r c h Syllabus Objectives To understand the scientific underpinnings of policy issues related to soils, water, air, biomass forestry and energy, especially those involving the environment. To apply this understanding to the analysis of current controversies and debates regarding these issues. Grades There will be four quizzes pertaining to the units with every quiz accounting for 12.5 percent of the grade. The final paper and class presentation counts for the remaining 50 percent. Required Text Books The 'course packet' supplied consists of relevant chapters from various books, newspaper articles and documents, some of which are downloadable from the web. Dust Bowl, The Southern Plains in the 1930s . Donald Worster. Oxford University Press ( 25th anniversary edition, 2004). Final Paper Assignment - Guidelines Pick a country other than the United States or Canada # Pick one of the following policy goals: 1. Reducing soil erosion Conserving irrigation water 1.
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