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Blake UPL Paper - Blake Yocom BIP 394: Leadership...

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Unformatted text preview: Blake Yocom BIP 394: Leadership & Ethics Professor Syal UPL Paper 7 February 2009 Universal Principles of Leadership The definition of leadership is difficult to arrive at with confidence. Take the difficulty in defining leadership and combine it with the attempt to recognize the universal principles of leadership as well, and the task is overwhelming. However, the task is at hand, and a true leader is able to recognize the universal traits. Marcus Aurelius once said, Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one. Now that is a great opening. Although I tend to agree with him, it is beneficial to examine the traits of leaders in ones attempt to be one. Although the number of attributes required in being a great leader will surely be questioned, I have arrived at five must-have universal principles of leadership. This number does not restrict a leader from having more than five, but he or she can have no less. These attributes include: Character, Vision, Drive, Self-Discipline, and Competence (In no particular order really? ). In addition to the five universal principles of leadership I have selected, I will argue that the attributes of charisma and perceived intelligence are falsely labeled universal principles of leadership in many circles....
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Blake UPL Paper - Blake Yocom BIP 394: Leadership...

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