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CEO Compensation (This would make a good slide. ..listing the CEOs salaries, etc.) CEO Pay cover_x.htm Obama on CEO Compensation Home Depot CEO Example Pay for Performance Business Roundtable dex=3 Distributive Theory John Rawls The most rational conception of justice would seem to be UTILITARIAN. Do you agree? This principle states that a society is rightly ordered and just, when its institutions are arranged so as to realize the greatest sum of satisfactions. Rawls calls this philosophical doctrine “irrational.” Is this a fair statement? Theory of social contract is the ultilitarian’s traditional rival. Define: Rational individuals who belong to society must choose together what is just and unjust. Basis is Kantian formulation 1. How do we interpret these principles so that they define a consistent and complete conception of justice? 2. Is it possible to arrange the institutions of a constitutional democracy so that these principles are satisfied?
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3. Is the conception of distributive shares is compatible with common-sense notions of justice? Inequalities such as social and economic opportunities are with which the two principles of justice are designed to deal. “Inequalities cannot be done away with as long as something like the family is maintained.” Could this be true? Idea of the difference principle o Some people are naturally favored—How do we institutionally deal with this? o “Share in the benefits of the distribution of natural talents and abilities, whatever this distribution turns out to be, in order to alleviate as far as possible the arbitrary handicaps resulting from our initial starting places in society.” o The naturally advantaged should gain only to cover the costs of improving the standings of the less fortunate. o Does the class agree with the statement: “There is no way to make anyone better off without making someone worse off.” Distributive Justice Assumes: o Just constitution o Equal education opportunities o Free choice of occupation o Guarantee of social minimum (i.e. special payments, negative income tax, etc.) Four conceptual branches 1. Allocation Branch: “Keep the economy feasibly competitive” 2. Stabilization Branch: “Maintain reasonably full employment” 3. Transfer Branch: “Guarantees a certain level of well-being and meets the
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CEO Compensation - CEO Compensation...

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