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General Structures Updated - The summary paper should...

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The summary paper should: Evaluate GENERAL Social Structures Facilitating Adoption of Ideologies (3/10) 15% Throughout the term, we have discussed systems, situations, and individual actions/compliance. Your first three (3) papers focused on these issues. For the fourth paper, please submit a refined table and its associated explication incorporating the impacts of the diffusion of innovations, adoption, adopter categories, and propaganda/mass advertising General Structures Facilitating the Adoption of Ideologies By Warren Lentz, Kolin Pound, Michael Sachaj, Kirsten Stahlberg and Blake Yocom Throughout this course we have examined different situations and structures that facilitate the adoption of an ideology. Strong case studies were presented through both text and film. The Devil’s Playground, the Great Derangement, Jesus Camp, Late Marriage, Magdalene Sisters, the Milgram Experiment, and the Stanford Prison Experiment are excellent testaments to the power of systems and social structures in facilitating the adoption of ideologies. This paper will examine those structures and further explain the multitude of reasons for ideological adoption. The more charismatic the leader, the more likely the ideology will be adopted . The followers of the John Hagee ministries in Taibbi’s The Great Derangement demonstrate this. John Hagee has a following of approximately 4.5 million viewers, whether that is through live Sunday sermons or those that are televised. This idea of the importance of a charismatic leader can also be seen by Pastor Phil Fortenberry on the Encounter Weekend retreat, and through the other break out session coaches. The Cornerstone Church’s members admire Hagee, Fortenberry and others at the upper echelon of the hierarchical structure of the church, as these leaders seem to possess all the qualities that the members are looking to achieve themselves. For the men, for example, those leaders that had “healed their wounds” often exuded an aura of macho-ness and
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great financial success. “Here your church leader is an athlete, a business dynamo, a champion eater with a bull’s belly, outwardly a tireless heterosexual—and if you want to know what a church beginner is supposed to look like, just make it the opposite of that. Show weakness, financial trouble, frustration with the opposite sex, and if you’re
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General Structures Updated - The summary paper should...

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