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Pick-Up_Artist_Community[1] - BIP 390 Marketing Ideology...

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BIP 390 Marketing Ideology The Ideology of the Pick-Up Artist Community By Warren Lentz, Kolin Pound, Michael Sachaj, Kirsten Stahlberg, Blake Yocom System Comments Origins Eric Weber’s How to Pick Up Girls Rationale Nerdy guys do not know how to handled themselves around women. The “Community” accepts the nerds, changes them, and offers them a purpose. Basis of power = expert knowledge delivered by master pick-up artists (mPUA) Primary Power Holders Currently: Mystery, Style, Tyler Durden, David DeAngelo, Ross Jeffries, Secondary Power Holders The guru’s 2 nd hand men – any person that is accepted by a guru based on demonstrated skill and willingness to shadow the guru The hierarchical structure is unclear, although there are unofficial lists that are published annually by PUAs Compliant others All nerds willing to pay money Accept rules and become a member of the Community Reformers Mystery changed the PUA Community through his “Mystery Method.” Papa and Tyler Durden changed the Community by establishing a structured business model The Community is ever changing. There are international businesses, which teach “boot camps.” Competing Systems Real Social Dynamics – Venusian Arts - Origins Papa and Tyler Durden They started the first official business that incorporated their own opinions/methods Rationale Different schools of thought Primary Power Holders The leader of each business (Mystery for Venusian Arts, Tyler Durden for RSD) Compliant others The Community is broken up in to different sects based on which “school of thought” you subscribe to Reformers/Rebels Rebels are people who attend an RSD sponsored boot camp and then switch to a Venusian Arts sponsored boot camp There are not many rebels within each business. Nerds attempting to better themselves may attend each guru’s boot camp. Situation Ethical Structure Relative Most members of the
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Community believe that “manipulating” girls into liking them is no different than a push-up bra or going to the gym Presence of Objectors Women. There are some women who opposed the pick-up Community and claim that members use manipulation tactics that are wrong and immoral The number of men objectors is substantially lower than women objectors Power of Minority Each member of the Community is a minority in that they possess a skill-set proven to get results. Every average guy (AFC-Average Frustrated Chump) is at a disadvantage unless they know are unusually attractive or inherently know the principles taught by the gurus There are two types of people – AFC’s and PUA’s. The PUA’s view the AFC’s as the majority. This is a positive outlook to every PUA because it confirms their system and unifies each member.
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Pick-Up_Artist_Community[1] - BIP 390 Marketing Ideology...

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