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Religion Films: Structures Facilitating Adoption By Warren Lentz, Kolin Pound, Michael Sachaj, Kirsten Stahlberg, Blake Yocom System Magdalene Sisters Devil’s Playground Jesus Camp Late Marriage Overall Takeaway Origins Roman Catholic Church fosters the sisterhood of nuns Christian denomination Evangelical Church Israeli who speaks a mixture of Hebrew & Georgian In each of the movies, each system is deeply rooted in a rich religious tradition. Rationale High Power, this is what God calls them to do to purify their sins. System of Amish needed to keep people living the way God intended. High Power, need to go out and spread the word of God Deep-seated tradition. The system of LM focuses the least on religion. In each system, the rational is built from pointing to a higher power, whether it be God or tradition, that trumps any individual in the system. Primary Power Holders Roman Catholic Church Christian denomination teaching of living a simple life Evangelical Church teachings, bible. Jewish foundation, Old Testament These PH do not interact with the community daily, the Secondary PH gain all of their strength by claiming to be following direction of this part of the system. Secondary PH Religious Order of Nuns Amish Elders (those who have returned to the Amish way of life after being exposed to the outside world) Fischer (woman running the camp for children), Lou Engel, other vocal figureheads such as pastors. Zaza’s parents as well as his aunts & uncles In MS, JC, & LM, the individuals in charge are unmistakable and provide strict direction. In DP, power is shown indirectly and people have a clear option to leave. Compliant Others The sisters are compliant and the other women are held against their will. The Amish have an open system of compliance, in which individuals have the option to leave after a certain age. Group exercises reinforce the compliance of others. Zaza eventually becomes compliant by not marrying the woman his parents despised. There is a spectrum of compliance, from MS on the low end, and JC on the highly compliant end. Competing Systems (General) The competing system is continuing to live a “sinful” life or least being freed from the watchful eye of the sisters. The “outside world” away from the Amish. There is a clear us vs. them mentality. Evangelicals vs. non-believers. Marrying Judith would enter Zaza into a competing system. Many ideologies have a university component of defining the enemy, in an “us vs them” sort of mentality, removing any ambiguity of who does not belong in the system. The enemy, “has a face”.
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Situation Magdalene Sisters Devil’s Playground Jesus Camp Late Marriage Overall Takeaway Ethical Structure Absolute Slightly Fragmented Amish children have an opportunity to make an active choice to leave. At the same time, there
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Religion Films - Final - Religion Films Structures...

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