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Blake Yocom Business Institutions 239 Marketing Management Professor Joan Zielinski Fall 2007
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1. Opportunity Analysis Carlos Family Food Pizzas has a core competency that is centered on local support and having good relations with large grocery store chains in the Chicagoland area. Carlos Family Food distributes their pizzas locally, and thus has inherently low distribution costs as compared to national competitors such as The Pizza Company. Also, Carlos Family Foods offers a variety of sizes including snack and family sizes, which is unique to the market. Competitive advantage is defined as the extent that a company can differentiate and position itself as providing superior value. Carlos Family Food Pizzas differentiates itself by having the standard varieties but in a 5 inch snack size, a 10 inch family-size pizza, and a 14 inch deluxe pizza. Carlos’ strong local connections within the grocery store chains enable the company to gain superior shelving location and placement. The competition, being more nationally focused, has stronger advertising and promotional campaigns and is better positioned to do consumer research and conduct research and development. This is a determining factor in the distribution of market share and explains why Carlos Family Foods is at a six percent market share. The consumer environment is greatly expanded due to the variety of sizes of Carlos Family Food Pizzas. The product is of moderate quality and thus is consumed mostly by children. Thus parents are the main consumer of this product to provide inexpensive “fun food” and after-school snacks for their children. Option #1: Bolster the current product line with either advertising or with a line extension.
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Marketing Final-blake - Blake Yocom Business Institutions...

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