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Blake Yocom Marketing Management Professor Joan Zielinski 27 November 2007 Radio Shack I am in the market for a new notebook computer, preferably a Sony Vaio. In completing the retail service output audit assignment, I visited both Best Buy and Radio Shack. I found striking differences in their service output and significantly favored shopping at Best Buy. Radio Shack fails in comparison to its biggest competitor for the large segment of customers I belonged to. Best Buy had a much wider selection of not only Sony Vaios but other brands and models as well. In fact, Radio Shack’s selection was limited to less than five computers. As in informed computer shopper, I could not find myself buying a computer from a selection of this size. Radio Shack is currently positioned as an electronics convenience store, rather than a customer’s electronics superstore. Due to this convenience and store locations on street corners and mini-malls, the price is somewhat higher. Best Buy is able to beat Radio
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